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As part of our Corporate Social responsibility programme, Unos and TeleVAS in conjunction with Kelab my-kart Selangor are embarking on a fund raising...

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Corporate Social Responsibility
We acknowledge that our success is not measured solely by our financial performance, but in entirety by our accomplishments as a Group throughout the facets of the communities in which we operate.

Therefore, FSBM is committed to social responsibility. We seek to pursue economic progress, support social development and address environmental concerns to improve and sustain the quality of life for future generations.

We demonstrate our commitment to social responsibility specifically through our Core Activities, in hope that the impact of our projects extends beyond our scope to enrich the lives of the community directly and indirectly. On a smaller scale, we seek to look after the welfare of our employees, shareholders and the local communities. We develop strong ties with the communities in which we live and work, and focus to help propel the nation forward.

Caring for the Environment and Community

Our Sports Club runs donation drive on a regular basis at University Malaya Medical Centre.

During Ramadhan month, the Sports Club organized a Buka Puasa Dinner. In sharing this meaningful occasion, many of us
joined in fasting during lunch so that we could all "berbuka puasa" together. Our lunch money went to an orphanage.We assisted World Vision Malaysiad in their HIV/AIDS advocacy campaign called One Life Revolution during our recent FSBM Family Day. We made bracelets that were given out as souvenirs during the One Life Revolution exhibit. World Vision Malaysia targeted 10,000 bracelets, of which we contributed during the Family Day. For more information on World Vision Malaysia, please visit

Our subsidiary, TeleVAS, is a sponsor and Technology Partner of a non-profit organisation for youth development in motorsports in Malaysia, called Kelab My-Kart Selangor. Kelab My-Kart Selangor aims to popularise amateur motorsports through karting in order to develop home grown racing talents who would go on to compete in international motorsports events. For more information on Kelab My-Kart Selangor, please visit
  Televas at My Kart Televas at My Kart Televas at My Kart

On 24th July 2008, UNOS and TeleVAS in conjunction with Kelab my-kart Selangor embarked on a fund raising campaign to support Yellow House Society, a project developed by the Malaysian Friends of UNICEF, in encouraging children that suffer from dyslexia (i.e. difficulty in reading) by collaborating with Dyslexia Association in promoting the “Joy of Learning and Literacy amongst the Poor and Orphans”. Thanks to all the efforts of all involved, we managed to raise RM15,000 in cash and donations in kind towards assisting the dyslexic children of Yellow House. But most of all, we managed to see the children enjoy themselves even as they explored their potential in sports. 

Click here to read more about the event 

 UNOS Televas Charity  UNOS Televas Charity  UNOS Televas Charity

On 6 June 2009, we were proud to have participated in the Sepang 1000km Endurance Race (S1K) with our very own Team TeleVAS Racing driver, Ramsey Rizal forming part of a 3 man team. S1K marked the second endurance race organised by Sepang International Circuit, following the successful 12-hour Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race.

S1K flagged off with the team starting at 15th on the grid against 56 cards, driving a Toyota Celica 7th gen 1.8L (class 1). We are thrilled to have finished the race 6th place in class having completed 176 laps over a grueling 8 hours 50 minutes. (Photographs Courtesy of Edwyn Low)

team_televas_at_sic_-_door.jpg  team_televas_at_sic_-_open.jpg team_televas_at_sic_-_race.jpg

The FSBM Group is also a partner of Team TeleVAS Racing, with Mark Timms as the team owner and driver.

Team TeleVAS Racing formed in 2006 has since grown into a full fledged motorsports team specializing in endurance racing, both in karting and circuit. Team TeleVAS Racing has established itself as a motorsports development platform to promote and develop skills in talent in the Malaysian motorsports arena.

Team TeleRookies is the latest involvement by Team TeleVAS Racing. In line with the 1Malaysia F1 development program and the vision of Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM), Team TeleVAS Racing has taken the initiative to develop a small team at grassroots level of motorsports to drive in the my-kart 8 hour Mad Mega Enduro.

The talent search started in September 2009 where Team TeleVAS evaluated over 60 participants, including a search collaboration with The Otomotif College (TOC) Only 7 were chosen for Team TeleRookies, where 5 will be driving in the Mad Mega Enduro and the other 2 form part of the team as pit crew and strategists. Team TeleRookies drivers are aged under 25.  


team_telerookies.jpg  team_telerookies_kart.jpg team_telerookies_card.jpg


Our collaboration with University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) will enable UMMC to enhance the quality of healthcare services as she embraces the complexity and gravity of increasing patient care. Harnessing the power of information technology, our ultimate goal is for a better healthcare population.

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Our social responsible business practice is echoed in our investment in the education & training sectors. We contribute to a better education environment through our Teacher Training Program (BPPT), has been recently completed. Our efforts to bridge the digital divide is aimed to raise and conjugate the level of education, by empowering teachers to know when and how to apply ICT in teaching of the subject and in the classroom in order to enrich learning by students.

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We strive to create a rewarding working environement here in FSBM, advocating equal opportunities and mutual respect.

At FSBM, we always maintain strong core values such as progress and integrity. Our actions—the actions of all employees—are governed by our Vision, Mission and Values. These core values govern our conduct throughout the entire company—one that is reinforced consistently at all levels.


FSBM upholds high standards of corporate governance which are critical to the business integrity and to maintaining investors' trust in the Company. It has always ensured that the Group is managed with integrity, accountability and transparency.