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e-Government & PMS


Project Monitoring System under the MSC e-Government Flagship Application


Prime Minister's Department (Implementation Coordination Unit), Malaysia

Project description:

The Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) was launched in 1995. It was initiated as one of the programs to accelerate Malaysia's aim to become a fully developed nation and knowledge rich society by the year 2020 (Vision 2020). The MSC is a designated 15km x 50km corridor to provide an integrated environment for businesses and activities specialising in ICT and multimedia technologies. The special area is supported by innovative cyberlaws, outstanding infrastructure and practices to enable Malaysia to leapfrog into the Information Age.

To accelerate the development of MSC, 7 Flagship Applications were initiated. One of these is the Electronic Government Flagship.

Electronic Government aims to reinvent the Government to make it more efficient and effective. It will improve information flows and processes within the Government in order to accelerate the speed and quality of policy development, coordination and enforcement. It also seeks to improve the convenience, accessibility and quality of the Government's interactions with citizens and businesses.

One of the first applications under the Electronic Government Flagship is the Project Monitoring System (PMS).

The objective of PMS is to provide the Government machinery with an effective and efficient mechanism to monitor the implementation of development projects under the successive Malaysia's 5-Year Development Plans. PMS will ensure accurate and timely capture of project information and that up-to-date information is available to assist the Government analyse, forecast and report on the progress of projects. It will also facilitate the making of policies and executive decisions.

FSBM and its consortium was selected by the Government to design and develop PMS. Following the successful completion of development, PMS is current deployed to 28 Ministries and 1,350 users nationwide.


PMS consists of 3 main modules:


Operational Module

This module tracks all information pertaining to projects. Information such as project owner, progress, values and contractors are captured and progressively updated during the life of the project.

Managerial Function

This module provides executive users such as Ministers, Secretary-Generals and Directors with a high level view of project progress in the form of graphics and other user-friendly means.

Knowledge Repository

This module provides for the sharing of knowledge among the civil service. Users are able to share with each other the problems and solutions that were applied during the course of project implementation. This ensures that best practices can be captured for the benefit of future projects.