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Mobile Banking

The UNOS Mobile Banking System is a solution tailored for banks to take their services from the PC to the mobile phone of their customer.

Deploying UNOS's unique service delivery platform, the UNOS Mobile Banking System can be tailored for a comprehensive mobile banking experience for the bank's customers. The flexibility built into the system enables additional service deliveries to be added on onto the Mobile Banking System easily, depending on the requirements of the bank from time to time, in the shortest possible time and in a cost effective manner.

The UNOS Mobile Banking System is entirely managed through the UNOS Mobile Converter System which interfaces directly with the bank's existing Internet/application servers. No change in the Bank's back-end infrastructure is required to implement this system. The UNOS Mobile Converter System maps the required functions directly to the bank's Internet banking system. This translates to faster deployment and lower set-up costs.

The UNOS Mobile Banking System offers three (3) client interfaces designed to cater for the majority of consumers who may or may not have data connectivity:

  1. WEB/WAP Mobile Banking MIDlet;
  2. Data Enabled Mobile Banking MIDlet; and
  3. SMS Enabled Mobile Banking MIDlet.













Security Features

Provisioning of the UNOS Mobile Banking System would require a Tier 2 UNOS Mobile Converter server (MCT2) situated in the bank's data centre. UNOS uses a state-of-the-art compression and encryption technology to ensure low data transmissions (in order to save on data cost) and high security for transactions between the three mobile banking interfaces and the UNOS Mobile Converter servers.

In the case of the mobile banking MIDlet, each MIDlet synchronises a 65-alphanumeric soft token identification code with the Mobile Converter servers. This is done every 180 seconds. Transaction transmissions between the mobile banking MIDlet and the Mobile Converter are conducted via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection, with full cryptography and encryption.

For added security, the data-enabled Mobile Banking MIDlet has anti-phishing technology built-in.

Download the Information Sheet on UNOS Mobile Banking System (pdf) here.

For more information on UNOS Mobile Banking System, please contact us.

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